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Challenge & Change: Miller Hull’s Living Building Practice (2023)

In her latest title in the Living Building Challenge Series, Mary explores the arc of this extraordinary architecture firm’s sustainability story – from its 1970s origins as a pioneer in environmentalism to its 21st century role as one of the most prominent designers of Living Buildings. The book looks back at when, how, and why Miller Hull was an enthusiastic early adopter of the Living Building Challenge, examining the ways in which the world’s greenest standard has become woven into the fabric of the firm’s ethos. Project spotlights of Miller Hull’s certified and planned Living Buildings round out the content. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

The PAE Living Building: Developer-Led, Nature-Inspired (2022)

In her third contribution to the Living Building Challenge Series, Mary explores the process of creating the world’s largest for-profit commercial Living Building. She takes readers through each step of this audacious journey, including the innovative strategies employed to achieve net positive energy and water, seismic resilience, minimal carbon impacts, and social equity. The book blends technical details with first-person accounts from the developers, engineers, designers, builders, and others who helped bring the 500-year PAE Living Building to Portland, Oregon. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

The Living Building Challenge: Roots and Rise of the World’s Greenest Standard (2016) 

Mary delves into the profoundly rigorous certification program recognized by the green design-build movement as the most inspirational and sustainable standard on the planet. The book, a 2016 Foreword Indies Award winner, explores the past, present and projected future of the Challenge, and includes the voices of dozens of practitioners who have created the first fertile crop of Living Buildings. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

The Greenest Building: How the Bullitt Center Changes the Urban Landscape (2016)

Mary takes readers on a private tour through the game-changing Bullitt Center, the world’s first Class A commercial office structure designed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the Living Building Challenge. The book, which won 2016 Indie Excellence Awards in two categories as well as a 2016 Foreword Indies Award, interlaces descriptive narrative with candid insights from the people whose dedication brought this fully self-sustaining six-story urban marvel to life. Available via Amazon.

Living Building Makers (2019)

Mary worked closely with author Jonathan A. Wright to develop these poignant stories exploring the human experience of crafting a Living Building. The book focuses on two remarkable structures that came to life on the campus of Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

Busby: Achitecture’s New Edges (2015)

Mary provided extensive editorial support for this book, which blends in-depth project summaries with first-hand commentary from architect Peter Busby, a distinguished leader in the regenerative design movement. The book takes readers where the modern design industry is trending – beyond traditional boundaries. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

Building in Bloom: The Making of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (2013)

Mary’s first solo authorship showcases one of the earliest structures to accept the Living Building Challenge. The book combines job-specific details with reflections from the design and construction team responsible for creating this fully self-sustaining and naturally elegant building on the campus of one of the world’s greenest conservatories. It was the first title in a growing series of case studies on Living Building Challenge projects. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.

Transformational Thought: Radical Ideas to Remake the Built Environment (2012)

Mary wrote the introduction to this collection of essays by green building visionary Jason F. McLennan. In addition, she worked closely with McLennan and provided editorial support on initial drafts for most of the essays included in the book. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.   

The Web-Savvy Patient:
An Insider’s Guide to Navigating the Internet When Facing Medical Crisis (2011)

Mary co-authored this handbook that shows how to find accurate, empowering information online and helps people become active members of their own health care teams. Featured in The New York Times, on ABC’s “The View” and via an assortment of print, broadcast and social media. Additional information and copies (in print, e-book and audio formats) available via Amazon and Audible.

Zugunruhe: The Inner Migration to Profound Environmental Change (2010)

Mary collaborated with noted regenerative design visionary Jason F. McLennan on this book of essays exploring how individuals can do small things to effect greater environmental change. Available via Ecotone Publishing and Amazon.