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Get the Word Out.

I’m Mary Adam Thomas and I goof around with language for a living. Here at Thomas Communications, I develop and polish messaging for assignments of every shape and size. Need a five-word tagline? I’m on it. A 5,000-word article? Let’s go. A 50,000-word book? I’ve authored several. Whatever you hope to express, I can help you say what you mean. So resist the temptation to turn your written content into a DIY effort. Entrust it to me and I’ll take good, thoughtful, professional care of it.

I work with a long list of companies, non-profits and individuals seeking to convey messages, engage audiences and share stories.
Written communications that persuade, inspire, educate, report, summarize, promote, entertain, sway, compel and/or motivate.
A well-crafted message has the power to elevate a brand while words that are simply cobbled together can make an irreparably bad impression.
I interact remotely with the vast majority of my clients, which means that geography never has to stand in the way of effective communications.
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